Doublefish is the manifest destiny of John Fisher (pictures) and Ken Double (words), old school advertising creatives of a certain age and temperament. John and Ken used to work at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington when it was a thing, so they know a bunch of people with enough chops to make them look good.
They work directly with their own clients and with any outside agency frightened or solvent enough to hire them. Doublefish is, in the parlance, media neutral, although they might look a bit crestfallen if you ask them to write 25-character text links.
What they do best is strategic creative. Big picture, long-chain, helicopter thinking leveraging 360 degree touch points or however you like to put it. It’s all pretty exciting one way or another.
Their hobbies are beer, motorcycles and popular music.
They’d like a nice automotive account too, so if anyone’s got one of those in their back pocket, please sing out.

"Nobody knows anything." William Goldman